Friday, February 26, 2010


Photografic imagification from equinox Septembrie by graceful hand of Daciana Birladeanu. For preparing we (Daciana also) ingest forcefull quantity of homemade spirit and Silva Dark. Yes. Trance states require for fullmost mystify and psychic transportment to time when Rumania is more than just gypsy and stray dog. Time before the WWII we call România Mare. Today our home Târgu Mureş much like America city of Worcester Massachusetts, where ex-drummer Kutná Whora travel for New England Metal Festival in 1999 to see ultimate Satan band Deicide. Countryside is still glory however and freedom for the goats. Yes.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Power Frost

Rumania in winter is glory, the season when meditation on the nature world is possible. Yes. This is time when PERSEKUTOR will rise to dominate you and the sinking ship you call your life. Recordination of new EP Power Frost is under progress, will follow Angels Of Meth album to black metal majesterium. Our scythes will gleam with the blut of victory and with blut of goats we slaughter for winter's meat. "Winter's Meat" is song on Power Frost EP also. Yes.

(Photografic imagification from backyard in middle 1970s, before digital ruination.)