Monday, March 29, 2010

Time Of Hammer

Every days is sniffing closer of victory. Every days is getting stronger in arm and more steel of phallus. PERSEKUTOR is ready to dominates. Is only for Rumanian jurisprudence to declaring of triumphant. Court house session today was like needles in eyeball pushing slow to brain. Clowns from Reich bullshitting for hours. Lies and lies and lies only. Yes. But then Iron Slasher saving day with crucial testification, make clowns look as criminals! Is what they are of course. (One days, PERSEKUTOR will dominate them from behind, no mercy will be had.) But maybe too many believe lies, think is facts. Difficult ... very difficult for wonderings. Is all over now, we wait for juries for deciding. Is time for consultingment of stars and drinkification of Silva Dark, ponder great mysteries of ancients. Then thinking of Ramona Badescu, maybe hammer one out. Yes.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Blut Sabbath

With completings of Equinox Spring come slaughter of goat as promised. Yes. Was quickly and painless for fat friend of we. Holding him strongly I am saying invokation, Iron Slasher cutting the throat. Invokation is ancient Rumanian tradition for prosperification and hoping meat is cook tender and not burning like last year when Uncle Vali getting drunk and dropping carcass in fire, forgetting about. Hour later, black all over. Eating pizza from shop of Uncle Vali instead. Maybe he do under purpose to make moneys, but is mystery still. Yes. This time PERSEKUTOR in command of goat roast. Delicious is everywhere. Feasting very large on the Sunday in the Valea Rece with fullmost quantity of Silva and Rumanian wine. Someone play Bartók Béla CD on booming box for folking dance. (Then Haiducii CD, nobody is escaping it.) Iron Slasher get shitting of face, do penis trick for young girls. Everybody laughing at that one excepting father of young girls. Yes.

(Photografication of sickle by Vlad at killing field, Valea Rece, 21 march 2010.)

Monday, March 15, 2010

A Razor For The Goat Is Soon

Is pissing rain in Târgu Mureş. Bus depot clogged by old womans with head scarf and Old World ankle. Long tradition of swelling in the face. Yes. And the ankle also. Liver spots all the time. Stink of mujdei and piftie pork jelly always thick-thick. Last week, PERSEKUTOR rehearsalmentation with drummer is claiming to be grandson of Zamfir. No shitting, he says. Test of blut prove everything. He brag, but we still waiting for that one of course. And also surprise drummer from foreign land, fly in special for Frost EP recordination still under progress. Must schedulize session around goat even in winter. Hopeful for finishment before spring and goat very busy times for producification of milks and foodstuffs. Yes. But goat roast is near. Will choose fat boy, name Dumitru after famous only Rumanian cosmonaut. Always marinating delicious.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Always The Witchings

In Rumania, witchcraft is much respected profession. Witch doctor and fortune teller lady register with government ministry, read grains for telling of future, cast spell, removification of hex. Can make lucrative moneys also. Yes. And so having here "Purple Flame" controversies in president election. This very big happening in Rumania because superstition (every person having superstitionings here) saying that "Purple Flame" is vibrationment of Holy Ghost. And "Purple Flame" is choosing president for us but maybe pick wrong guy. PERSEKUTOR not believing this of course. No. But did have witchery one time as small boy when old vrăjitoare (as we say in Rumania) spit on forehead to cure childhood afflictionings of mystery origin. Was long time ago, but I am remembering she is smoking many packs in a day, take box of cigarette as paymentation. Yes.

(Woodcutting by Hans Baldung, 1508. Not Rumanian, but is very good. Yes.)