Monday, March 22, 2010

Blut Sabbath

With completings of Equinox Spring come slaughter of goat as promised. Yes. Was quickly and painless for fat friend of we. Holding him strongly I am saying invokation, Iron Slasher cutting the throat. Invokation is ancient Rumanian tradition for prosperification and hoping meat is cook tender and not burning like last year when Uncle Vali getting drunk and dropping carcass in fire, forgetting about. Hour later, black all over. Eating pizza from shop of Uncle Vali instead. Maybe he do under purpose to make moneys, but is mystery still. Yes. This time PERSEKUTOR in command of goat roast. Delicious is everywhere. Feasting very large on the Sunday in the Valea Rece with fullmost quantity of Silva and Rumanian wine. Someone play Bartók Béla CD on booming box for folking dance. (Then Haiducii CD, nobody is escaping it.) Iron Slasher get shitting of face, do penis trick for young girls. Everybody laughing at that one excepting father of young girls. Yes.

(Photografication of sickle by Vlad at killing field, Valea Rece, 21 march 2010.)

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