Monday, March 29, 2010

Time Of Hammer

Every days is sniffing closer of victory. Every days is getting stronger in arm and more steel of phallus. PERSEKUTOR is ready to dominates. Is only for Rumanian jurisprudence to declaring of triumphant. Court house session today was like needles in eyeball pushing slow to brain. Clowns from Reich bullshitting for hours. Lies and lies and lies only. Yes. But then Iron Slasher saving day with crucial testification, make clowns look as criminals! Is what they are of course. (One days, PERSEKUTOR will dominate them from behind, no mercy will be had.) But maybe too many believe lies, think is facts. Difficult ... very difficult for wonderings. Is all over now, we wait for juries for deciding. Is time for consultingment of stars and drinkification of Silva Dark, ponder great mysteries of ancients. Then thinking of Ramona Badescu, maybe hammer one out. Yes.

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