Monday, March 15, 2010

A Razor For The Goat Is Soon

Is pissing rain in Târgu Mureş. Bus depot clogged by old womans with head scarf and Old World ankle. Long tradition of swelling in the face. Yes. And the ankle also. Liver spots all the time. Stink of mujdei and piftie pork jelly always thick-thick. Last week, PERSEKUTOR rehearsalmentation with drummer is claiming to be grandson of Zamfir. No shitting, he says. Test of blut prove everything. He brag, but we still waiting for that one of course. And also surprise drummer from foreign land, fly in special for Frost EP recordination still under progress. Must schedulize session around goat even in winter. Hopeful for finishment before spring and goat very busy times for producification of milks and foodstuffs. Yes. But goat roast is near. Will choose fat boy, name Dumitru after famous only Rumanian cosmonaut. Always marinating delicious.

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