Friday, March 5, 2010

Always The Witchings

In Rumania, witchcraft is much respected profession. Witch doctor and fortune teller lady register with government ministry, read grains for telling of future, cast spell, removification of hex. Can make lucrative moneys also. Yes. And so having here "Purple Flame" controversies in president election. This very big happening in Rumania because superstition (every person having superstitionings here) saying that "Purple Flame" is vibrationment of Holy Ghost. And "Purple Flame" is choosing president for us but maybe pick wrong guy. PERSEKUTOR not believing this of course. No. But did have witchery one time as small boy when old vr─âjitoare (as we say in Rumania) spit on forehead to cure childhood afflictionings of mystery origin. Was long time ago, but I am remembering she is smoking many packs in a day, take box of cigarette as paymentation. Yes.

(Woodcutting by Hans Baldung, 1508. Not Rumanian, but is very good. Yes.)

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