Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Volcano Chaos

Has been month since last postings but cannot blame on goats. No. Protestings in Bucharest for labor days marchings is one thing. And then total depression in camp of PERSEKUTOR. Special guest session drummer for Power Frost EP not making plane due to massive volcano chaos. Flyings cancelled, cannot schedulize again for many month. Major setting of back. Smokification of black markets cigarette to calm nervings. Much better than Rumanian brand. Yes. But polis on crackdown for illegal smokers. Fines for all, very expensive. Much hassle. Yes. Listenings to Immortal Sons Of Northern Darkness for better feelings and also for riffification inspirationings. Writing song for denouncification of Iceland and lava and mountain nobody is pronouncing. Will be "explosive."

Photografication by Sam Beebe, 2009

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